Archaic drones is a label dedicated to ambient/experimental/ethnic music that has some kind of inspiration or connection with the ancient, archaic vibes that echoes from mankind's deepest past. Of particular interest are the projects that explore the inner depths of human mind and the use of ancient instruments allied with modern technologies. Ambient, drone, experimental and ethnic soundology is what ADS is seeking to release. 

Here you can find information about our releases (that will be sold through bandcamp on http://archaicdrones.bandcamp.com/), the profile of our projects, texts about themes related to our work and eventual news/links to projects that are in the spheres of our interest. For now we won't have physical editions but in the future we may have something on Cd or vinyl. All our editions will be professionallymastered by A. P. (Ghost Sound label, Xpatialexpansion, Objekt4, etc) and will feature original artwork.

Feel free to contact us if you think that you may have something that can be associated with our work: it can be music (yes, we accept unsolicited material), images (that can be used on the blog or in future releases), texts (about some issue associated with our work, be it music, shamanism, spirituality, anthropology and so forth) or other mean of communication... The door is open for those who want to come in.


ADS appears from my interest of being more than just a musician, but at the same time not to loose focus from art/music. Music has always been a mean not only of expression but also (and on a personal level above all) of exploration and discovery - of the world and myself.

And what have I found in such a subjective quest?! It's not easy to express it but I'd say that I come to look at music (and art as a whole) for its universatility and ancestrality. On one hand art is a form of communication that is universal - the way that emotion, complexity, abstraction can be unfold and (de)coded in art is immense and atonishing. Looking at art as  information, we can see how most of it can convey multi-layers of coded information. These information can be emotional, social, cultural, historical, religious, spiritual, etc. And the receptor of such art can focus only in few of such codes, but the synchretic nature of art is absolutely incredible.
On the other hand art has accompanied mankind since the dawn of our existence as a species that acknowledges its own existence; I'd say that one of the main proofs of inteligence is the creation of somekind of art (and the existence of art made by animals is an extraordinary question, but I'll leave it to other time). In such way art has come to enclosure many of man's questions and experiences: the rhythm/beating, the drone/humming, the singing/harmony, just to stay in music examples.

So, ADS comes to existence after some years working with this notions of universatily and ancestrality in  art/music on photography and music (with the project Undara). Has as happened before, now I feel the urge to share these ideas on a broader sense than just the release of records.


ADS plans are on the move. Aside from the releases (see releases page for further info)I want to progressively nurture this blog with some in-depth texts and suggestive images. The first ADS editions will be of Undara and Iurta (on a split with Plateau Omega and on solo), my own projects, but I want to release more interesting projects aside from them so...  Watch out for ADS records...!

For now wishes of light and harmony in everyone's life...